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List of dates for the IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SAINTS series Level 1 and Level 2  Books (Level 3 books list will be coming soon). We do the best we can with the information we have. We have been searching through Saint books and online to make this as accurate as possible. If you feel that we have something wrong please let us know and we will research any information you have as we want this to be as accurate as possible.


                                                          LEVEL 1 BOOKS

St. Joseph-born in Bethlehem, birth date uncertain but sometime before the time of Christ

St. Peter-Actual birth date and time unknown, in Galilee-however lived during the time of Christ


St. John the Apostle-birth date is approximately in 6 AD; and he died somewhere between 95 and 101 AD


St. Andrew the Apostle-birth date unknown, born in Galilee-and lived during the time of Christ


St. Stephen-unknown birth but one of the first deacons and was known to be the first Christian martyr-died about 36 AD


St. Cyprian was born in the early part of the 3rd century (about 210 -230) in Carthage, Africa


St. Christopher-believed to be from the 3rd Century but we could find no definite date for his life or death-He is said to be from Arabia.


St. Cecilia-although the exact date is unclear it is thought she lived during the Papacy of Urban I which ran from 222-230 and believed to be in Rome


St. Agatha-born in Sicily unsure of birth date but believed to be around the year 240


St. Lawrence-a deacon in the early church was martyred in 258 (so he was born in the mid 200ís)


St. Sebastian-believed to be born in Gaul (modern day France) in the 280ís


St. Catherine of Alexandria born in the late 3rd century in Egypt


St. Lucy born in Sicily in 283 (some places say the 3rd century instead of the 2nd)


St. Blaise-although the early facts are unknown it is believed he lived in the early 300ís and was a Bishop in Armenia


St. Patrick-born in Scotland around the year 385


St. Bridget of Ireland born in Ulster about 453


St. Benedict-born in Italy in 480


St. Meinrad- born approximately in 797; died in 861


St. Wenceslaus born in Bohemia in 903


St. Margaret of Scotland born about 1045 in England


St. Simon of Stock born in Kent, England in 1161


St. Dominic born in Spain in 1170


St. Francis of Assisi born in Assisi, Italy about 1181 or 1182. Died October 3rd (or 4th) 1226


St. Hyacinth-born in Poland in 1185


St. Clare-born in Italy in 1194


St. Anthony of Padua born in Portugal in 1195


St. Agnes of Assisi born in Assisi, Italy in 1197 or 1198; died November 16, 1253


St. Elizabeth of Hungary-born in Hungary in 1207


St. Peregrine born in Italy, in 1260


St. Rita born in Italy in 1386


St. Joan of Arc born in Domremy of Champagne in 1412


St. Angela Merici- born in Italy around 1474


Diego Mendez-born approximately 1475 died in 1536


Michelangelo born in Italy in 1475


St. Francis Xavier-born in present day Spain on April 7, 1506; died December 3, 1552


St. Ignatius Loyola-born in Spain on October 23, 1491; died July 31, 1556 


Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared for the first time on December 9th, 1531  near Mexico City, Mexico to Juan Diego


St. Charles Borromeo born in northern Italy in 1538


St. Paschal Baylon-born in Spain, on the Feast of Pentecost in 1540


St. Camillus born in Naples, Italy in the year 1550


St. Stanislaus Kostka born in Poland in 1550


St. Germaine born in Pibrac, France in 1579


St. Martin de Porres-born in Lima, Peru on December 9, 1579; died November 3, 1639


St. Louise De Marillac- born in France in 1591


St. Isaac Jogues-born in France in 1607


The Infant Jesus of Prague-Around 1628 during the Thirty Years War this statue was given to a Carmelite Monastery


St. Margaret Mary born in France on July 22, 1647; died on October 17, 1690


Captain John Barry born in Ireland in 1745


St. Marguerite d'Youville born in Quebec, Canada on October 15, 1701; died in Montreal on December 23, 1771


Venerable Catherine McAuley-born near Dublin, Ireland in 1778


Schubert (Franz)-born near Vienna, Austria in 1797


Louis Braille born in France in 1809


Millet (Jean Francois)- born in France in 1814


St. John Bosco-born in Italy in 1815


Bl. Pauline Von Mallinckrodt-born in Minden, Westphalia in 1817


St. Dominic Savio-born near Turin, Italy in 1842


St. Bernadette born in Lourdes, France in 1844


St. Therese-born in France in 1873


St. Gemma-born in Italy in 1878


Our Lady of Fatima appeared for the first time in Fatima on May13, 1917




                                LEVEL 2 BOOKS We will add more titles as they become available.


David-A story of the King of Israel-born in the late 1040ís to 1090ís BC in Judea.


No Tears For The Bride-born in Carthage, Africa in the late 100ís 


The Girl Who Worked Wonders-A story of St. Philomena-born in either the 3rd or 4th century; died at an early age of about 14.


The Great Saint Augustine-born in Africa in 354; died August 28, 430


The Archer Saint-A story of St. Hubert-born in Aquitaine (modern day France) in the year 657.


Bring Me An Ax-A story of St. Boniface of Germany-born in England, the year is unknown however martyred in either 754 or 755 so he is believed to be born in the early 700ís or the late 600ís.


Hide The Children-A story of St. Bernard of Clairvaux-born in France in the year 1090.


The Boy From Cheapside-A story of St. Thomas of Canterbury-born in London, England on December 21, 1118 (some sources say 1119 or 1120); died December 29, 1170.


When All Ships Failed-A story of St. Raymond of Pennafort-born in Spain in the year  1175.


Queen Of The Poor-A story of St. Elizabeth of Hungary-born in Hungary in the year 1207.


The Saint On Horseback-A story of St. Louis IX, King of France-born in France in the year 1214.


The Magic Brush-A story of Giotto born around 1266; died January 8, 1377


The Face In The Flames-A story of St. Bridget of Sweden-born in Sweden in the year 1303.


A Torch In The Darkness-A story of St. John of Capistrano-born in Italy, in the year 1386.


King Of Colors-A story of Fra Angelico born in Tuscany in the year 1387.


Our Lady's Portrait Painter-A story of Raphael-born April 6, 1483; died April 6 1520. (His 37th birthday)


The Boy Who Saw the Word-A story of St. Francis Xavier-born in present day Spain on April 7, 1506; died December 3, 1552


The Man Who Limped to Heaven-A story of St. Ignatius Loyola-born in Spain on October 23, 1491; died July 31, 1556 


I Serve The King-A story of St. Francis Borgia-born in Spain in the year 1510; died in 1572.


Proudly We Hail-A story of St. Francis de Sales-born in Savoy, France on August 21, 1567; died in Lyons on December 28, 1622


Stairway To The Stars-A story of St. Germaine Cousin-born in Pibrac, France in the year  1579.


The Girl Who Laughed At Satan-A story of St. Rose of Lima-born in Lima, Peru in the year 1586.


Child of Many Wonders-A story of the Divine Infant Jesus of Prague-This story starts around 1628 and continues to the present time.


The Miracle Man Of Muro-A story of St. Gerard Majella-born in Muro, Italy in the year  1726.


Stepping Stones To Heaven-A story of St. Gaspar de Bufalo born in Rome in the year 1786.


Show Us Your Face-A story of Venerable Leo Papin Dupont-born in the West Indies in the year 1797.


Our Lady Comes To Paris-A story of St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal-St. Catherine was born in France in the year 1806.


Our Lady Comes To New Orleans (Our Lady of Prompt Succor)-This story starts in 1810 and continues through the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 and ends around the year 1897.


Fold It Gently-A story of Father Abram Ryan born in the year 1838 in the United States.


Just For Today-A story of Blessed Marie Leonie-born in Quebec, Canada in the year 1840


The Wandering Minstrel-A story of Antonin Dvorak-born in Bohemia, in the year  1841


To The Ends Of The Earth-A story of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini-St. Frances was born in Lombardy, Italy in the year 1850.


A Search For A Shepherd-A story of Father Paul of Graymoor-born in Maryland in the year 1863.


Our Lady Comes To Pontmain-The Blessed Mother appeared in Pontmain, France on January 17, 1871.


Music From The Hunger Pit-A story of St. Maximillian Kolbe-born in Poland in the year 1894.

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