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Special Offer  For 2021

Dear friends and families-With the start of 2021, here is a suggestion for a family New Year Resolution. This one is easier than most and a lot more fun for the whole family to enjoy and learn from.  You can do this as a family and do it anywhere including home. Let’s read about the saints and other famous Catholics.


Each month we will be offering a new set of books to read aloud, enjoy and learn from. Each group will include 4 or 5 books (a new one for each week of the month). It will also include 4 pieces of stationery, envelopes & seals for the envelopes.


This is a great gift for any occasion. To receive a new package each month for the year. How exciting! It would be best to order at least 2 or 3 weeks before the start of the month so that you can have the new books for each week.


In the Navigation on the left hand side of this page click on Browse by Category and look for Special 2021


The January, February and March special book groups are listed. (Just remember the January special will be ending soon, so don't miss out)! We hope you enjoy reading these books with your family!!


We recently received the following emails-

We have only read two of your books so far, however, when I told my kids that I was expecting more books from you, my six year old responded with an enthusiastic, "Yes! Those books are the best!".  Thank you for all you do.  

Tristan (Washington family)

P.S.  I am looking forward to the books that are currently at the publishing house already.  Thanks again. 


Thank you so much!  My kids absolutely love these books.  They read them over and over. They're so inspirational!  Are there more to publish?  I appreciate your customer service and all that you do to help kids live their faith. 

Have a blessed Lent,
Kristin  (West Virginia family)

The kids are loving the books.  Thank you for the prompt shipment!
May God bless you and your company!

Kelly B. (Wisconsin family)


Thank you for the prompt reply!! I bought the CSH Year 1 set from you at the conference in Lansing last year. My 11 yo who was struggling to read has been the one who is especially enjoying them!! He has read all the Level 1 and 2s and is anxious for more! (level 3 were still a bit hard...)



Thank you very much! We received the order in record time and are very pleased with the books! They are wonderfully inspiring and I have already been recommending your site to others who are looking for Catholic Children's books. Thank you also for the free stationary. We used the stickers to make our students Valentine's.

May God and His Holy Mother continue to bless your work! 
In Jesus and Mary, 
Sister Mary Catherine, CMD



We are so happy that numerous curriculum providers use our books in their curriculum. Some for Reading and Comprehension, some for History and some for Religion. Included in this are the Catholic Schools and CCD programs as well. The comments that we are receiving are wonderful.


The programs that use our books include:

RC History

Catholic Schoolhouse

Queen of Heaven Academy

Our Lady of Victory   

Angelicum Academy



If you would like more information please let us know.



God bless,

Mary's Books Publishing

REMEMBER-If you have a local Catholic store please support them-We need them!!!  If they don't carry our books or stationery ask them to contact us and we will be happy to work with them!!!


If you are looking for any used books please check out our used book website. We started out selling used Books-both Catholic and general fiction, history etc. We have many O.O.P. Catholic books available for you to purchase.