Welcome to Mary's Books Publishing!!!!


First we need to thank Our Blessed Mother for Her help and guidance.  Everything that we do we offer to Her and ask Her daily for Her guidance and support. She has done amazing things as you will see.


Our family started Mary's Books Publishing in 2007.  Before this we sold mostly used books (and we continue to do this as well).  After meeting with Brother Roberto, C.S.C. in early spring of 2007 and receiving his permission we decided to go ahead and start working on bringing back these wonderful books about Saints and other famous Catholics.  The Brothers of the Holy Cross did a magnificent job writing them and as more and more familes realized how wonderful they are they became harder and harder to find.  So we wanted to help these families as well as all the other families that wanted to learn more about our Catholic heritage. 


So far there are 120 books available as well as a line of Catholic Stationery products.


We have many more titles to bring back into print and they are all wonderfully written.  It is very hard to decide which ones to do first; we choose a few saints, a few apparitions of Our Lady, and a few about composers, artists and other Catholics, to add variety in each group that we print. What a rich history we have.  So many men and women have lived and offered their lives for their faith!!  What great role models we have.


Please keep us in your prayers and we will continue to pray for all of our customers, friends and family.


God Bless-


Mary Jo, Michael, & Agnieszka Laskowski