We want to share with you all of the people that have been helping us to bring these wonderful books back into print. It is a huge group of wonderful families.


First we want to thank the Brothers that wrote the books. Especially Brother Ernest (died in 1963) who started the project of writing and publishing these books, and Brother Roberto whom we approached about bringing them back into print. He told me a little about himself and Brother Ernest as well when we met in 2007 as we started this project. There were many other Brothers that wrote some of the titles but a special thank you to Brother Edwin Reggio who wrote several new books that we will be adding to the series as time and money permits.


For our project of bringing them back into print we have to thank:

A special thank you to my husband, Michael, who without his support this would have never been possible. I spend many days away from home promoting and many many hours in the office working on the newest books. 

My daughter, Agnieszka, as she continues on her journey through classes of business, marketing, and computer skills. She is one of my helpers now and for many years in the future. The next generation of Mary's Books. 

Rita & Robert Demski-my parents-They are the most wonderful parents a child could have! More to come!!! They wanted to tackle this project but were never able to for many reasons. But with their help (especially my Mom, Rita,) we have moved forward. Even now Mom is still helping to make these books possible. 

Wendy Demski who without I would have been lost as my computers skills were minimal at the time of starting. They have gotten a little better but I rely on her help retyping, scanning pictures, and setting the books into the proper format to go to the printers, and many hours of general work on the books. We have not made many changes to the original stories but as with any retyping job there are many hours of proofreading and then hours of correcting any typos before they can go to print.

Wren & Douglas Spangler & family-What can I say about this wonderful family-They are AWESOME!!!! They have spent many hours proofreading and writing the summaries that go on the backs of the books. They have also helped me track some of the missing titles that I was unable to find.

Rebecca Skibba-Thank you for the many hours of typing especially the Level2 and 3 books. You have typed many of them and as money permits we will be bringing more and more of them back into print for all of us to enjoy!!

Ruby Kluck-Thank you for your hours of proofreading and when I was unable to attend a conference to promote the books you stepped in and with my Mom attended the conference in my place. Thank you!!!



All of these people are volunteering their time and talents to make these books possible again. The hours and hours donated will be appreciated by many years to come.